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Greeting and Hey There

I do sell Cheaper then Ebay, How many times you have lost a bid coz someone behind is always there making you loose it , on my website you never loose what you need.

I am a collector like you guys and i have been collecting for past 30 years , during these years i got alot of knowledge about different currencies , and i would like to share some of my collection ,

and i making it available at a lower rates you can bid and buy with confidence.

All my notes are genuine and some are graded.

ACG Grading is popular in south east and china ,

Why cheap you might ask?

Coz i want my fellow numis to have some graded and good quality notes at an affordable price,

Sign Up for membership its free and be update with all the new listings, You guys can contact me whenever you want i am here to help.

And i seek support from my fellow numis too . Looking forward to serve you guys . Ever wonder why you loose an auction? there are hidden bidders who kick you out, on our website you dont have to worry you buy directly from us and there are no hidden charges either.you buy you get it delivered

This is my first post to all you guys , i am at your service , welcome you all to my shop feel free to to look around , you can ask me any question if you want , use the comment section below , if you have any requirements you can let me know , i present you most graded and budget friendly items , YOU CAN GIVE ME YOUR OWN RATES AND IF I ;LIKE IT I WILL SELL IT , I AM PRESENTING MOST CHEAPEST AND BEST OF GRADED STUFF. GIVE US A TRY

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